Andy Nyarwaya, Group CEO

Andy is a twenty-year-old veteran in the global gold mining & precious metals industry, initially as employed professional and later as an accomplished entrepreneur. He is highly respected in the industry and over the years has been regularly consulted on many projects involving capital raising, production, regulatory compliance, logistical flow, trading and international sales. He is a UK citizen with a global network of customers, suppliers and commodity financiers and related government officials in Europe, the Middle East and especially in Africa where his family originated. 

Andy currently resides in Dubai, UAE where he is well positioned to tap into and commercialise the many appropriate opportunities that run through the confluence of strong, continuous flows of gold trading and reining that have come to define the Emirate as a major international activity centre for gold dore and bullion trading.

In the earlier days, he has successfully established a gold processing and trading business in Africa where he built a comprehensive supply chain network that now allows him to access additional supply of gold dore bars to supplement the growing production from GPG’s mines and processing plants in Peru.

Being the consummate professional and passionate about gold, Andy is conversant with the mechanics of physical gold production; processing, bullion refining, sales and delivery with good connectivity to DGD and LMBA accredited refiners and multinational logistic providers and appropriate government regulators.  He is also well versed with the establishment and development of organic (environmental compliant) gold processing and has a strong relationship with the ASM Communities in Africa and Peru. Additionally, he has good knowledge of market trends and interacts with partners and business associates closely to provide good insights for our end-user buyers and investors.

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