Marko Liimatainen, Sales Director and Head of Direct Consumer Market

Marko is a well-regarded professional with a proven track record in global sales to consumers, corporates and institutions. Over the decades in sales and marketing, he has accumulated a wealth of experience and understanding in relationship building and transaction closures in a multi-racial environment and across international borders. He has had great success in generating global sales volume in electronic manufacturing equipment for European multi-national companies, especially in the Far East. 

He is adept in establishing, organising and managing a professional global sales team and implementing clear and appropriate marketing strategies to achieve individual and corporate goals. 

Together with the group Chairman, he has developed a unique and efficient sales pipeline to directly deliver physical gold bullion at good entry prices, replete with complementary bullion banking services to end-buyers to allow them to re-balance their personal and institutional asset portfolio to generate and preserve wealth.

Operational Headquarters

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