Paolo Riccioni, CEO of the Americas

Paolo is a dynamic and focused businessman with a remarkable track record in the several enterprises that he has successfully developed. Since leaving professional employment in the Italian Air force and the fashion industry, he has founded and established thriving business operations in fashion retailing and real estate management. With the substantial and diversified experience gathered over the many years of working and entrepreneurial exposure, Paolo diversified into mining in Peru where he is currently residing with his family. 

Since 2011, he has personally invested in four mining concessions in the Marcona and Nazca regions of Southern Peru and worked with employed geologists and mining engineers to explore and develop the same. As such, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in mine planning, mapping, testing, exploration, engineering and management as well as a good understanding of actual mineral processing and recovery. He is also well versed in the related critical aspects of the minerals supply chain, including logistics and security. He has good connectivity with the general mining industry in the country, including the ministry of Mining and Energy and respectable mining professionals such as geologists, mining engineers, metallurgical engineers and particularly, the Artisanal Mining Community (ASM).

He later established the Gold Peak Group with two fellow entrepreneurs from the industry and today this enterprise has successfully developed into a growing integrated global mineral and precious metals supply chain from primary production in Peru to downstream refining and bullion distribution from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE.

Operational Headquarters

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